Business Databases


Accencis solutions are the premier supplier of full-service Business Databases and e-mail marketing solutions. We are honored to provide you with accurate details on more than 140 million companies and more than 310 million

Accencis solutions offer our clients the most accurate business database in the industry.

Accencis solutions are the only company to triple-check its 140 million business database using yellow page data, phone line verification, and company websites, as well as search engine data.

Accencis solutions have taken the database market a step further by providing a more advanced Business Databases, with new features and options,
providing more functionality at a lesser cost.

Get Accurate Business Databases and Build Lasting Relationships

Accencis solutions are passionate about delivering ONLY Triple Checked Data to the market, that helps to target potential clients better, build relationships, and enhance profiles of current consumer data. The objective of Accencis solutions has always been on assisting companies in driving their growth by offering them with reliable sales leads and detailed marketing solutions. This eye for detail ensures that we have the most reliable business database available, and this is a testimony that many of clients have attested to.